CSub Netzbild

AER offers two combi-SUBs 12 and 15

which are alike in their concept but differ in size, power and application. While the combi-SUB 12 is mainly used as subwoofer (low frequency extension) to an AER amp no matter if Compact 60, Domino or AP1 the combi-SUB 15 is additional well suitable as subwoofers to form a sound reenforcement system with AER AS 281. (Ref. info sheet)

Rugged cabinets with heavy duty speakers, power amps with high dynamic range and a control section with adjustable cross-over and notch filter make the combi-SUB very versatile.

  • combi_SUB 12: 200 W/8 ?
    combi_SUB 15: 250 W/8
    discrete bipolar transistor output
  • 12"/15" woofer
  • combi_SUB 12: 19,55 kg (43.1 lbs)
    combi_SUB 15: 29 kg (64 lbs)
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