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Tom Lumen was born in Hungary. During his childhood he was deeply inspired by Hendrix, which lead to his starting to play the guitar.
In his teenage years he created a trio and began his first compositions under the influence of various progressive and jazz trends. Later he contributed to numerous successful rock and pop productions as a guitarist and composer.

After decades of work in bands of great diversity, Tom began his solo career with an acoustic guitar concert in the autumn of 2011. More and more people are drawn to his music with its innovative and sensual guitar fingerstyle, and he is happy to satisfy his growing fan base with an increasingly active concert schedule. Not surprisingly, several Hungarian radio stations have taken note.

Tom’s concerts are at once characterized by intimacy and interaction, virtuosity and cheerfulness. His single instrument evokes the sound of an entire band with his dynamic playing style.
Besides the impressive and distinctive sound of his own compositions, he plays well-known favorites by famous musicians and bands such as Queen, Nat King Cole, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Billy Idol and Foo Fighters.

Tom is on tour in Europe right now, performing songs from his EP, Seven Breaths (2012) in a number of cities.

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