guitarandvoiceEuropean-American fingerstyle guitar and lush vocals at the edge of the songwriting tradition: that's the music of Michael & Keleren Millham. Drawing from a mix of philosophical and social -as well as musical influences, these two pen songs that are at once sophisticated; yet universal in their appeal.

Their debut album "Sidhe" spent years on the top ten lists for local artists in their home market (often in #1) and has received airplay on numerous college and public radio stations. Their follow up recording "Live at The Shop" has been equally well received. Both recordings are "driven by Michael's muscular fingerstyle guitar work...and unfailing rhythm behind amazing intricacy of melodic leads" (Victory Review) and Keleren Millham's "soaring...and affecting vocals" (The Inlander).

"We write nearly all of the music we perform, so the resulting sound is a tapestry of our influences" says Keleren. Though they find their roots in the modal tunings of the British Isles (as well as their classical training), this duo moves beyond 'tradition' in the common use of the word; adding touches of sufi, cuban, jazz, contemporary folk and art song textures (among others) into the mix. With compositions further enhanced by accessible song structures and hauntingly evocative lyrics, the Millham's writing style is best described as Progressive Acoustic.

Michael and Keleren Millham are currently recording, concertising, teaching and traveling throughout the Western United States and beyond, impacting audiences large and small with a singularly distinct blend of beauty, ensemble, and virtuosity.



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