comophoto001.jpgBorn in Tokyo in October 1966, Como (Komobuchi) spent his childhood in Hong Kong. He started bass guitar at age 15, and went on to play professionally from the age of 23, starting out in live jazz houses. At present, he performs with musicians from all manner of fields such as jazz, fusion, Latin, R&B, soul, pop, and flamenco, while remaining true to his roots in Brazilian music.

 Como has joined the following artists in live performances, tours, and recordings: Koji Tamaki, Marlene, CHAKA, Machiko Watanabe, Lisa Ono, Saigenji, Ann Sally, Kazumi Watanabe, Carlos Kanno, Iwao Furusawa, Hideki Togi, Taro Hakase, Shimaken, Makoto Kuriya, and Hiroki Kashiwagi.

Collaboration with bossa nova legend Roberto Menescal lead to his joining the band GET’S BOSSA NOVA, as the only Japanese member, for the 40-year anniversary bash for bossa nova in 1997. He has also backed up many Brazilian artists for their Japanese tours, such as Wanda Sa, Carlos Lyra, Mucha, Dori Caymmi, Leila Pinheiro, and Filó Machado.

His first work as producer involved the mini album VENTO by bossa nova singer Chie, from Rip Curl Recordings (RCIP-0055). The album includes an original song, No Vento, written by Como. Later on, he teamed up with American, Brazilian, and Japanese artists to form the Brazilian-music band Minaswing, releasing the albums Beautiful Horizon (MD-032101, 2003), and Mineral (HRAD00007, 2005), the latter from Happiness Records.