szandor.jpgBorn in 1956 in Törökszentmiklós, Hungary, he started his studies with a private teacher of classical guitar. After trying different styles from the middle of the seventies, he began to focus on jazz and improvisation. In the begining of the eighties he continued his studies in Budapest in the Jazz Facultaty of Béla Bartók Music Conservatory as a guest student. At that time he already felt that he should approach improvisation not by one certain style, but rather by utilizing his sensitivity and susceptibility and making synthesis of all the musical influences he ever experienced. Immersing himself in Far Eastern music was an ideal breeding-ground to achieve this.

His career started in 1980. He was the first who played solo acoustic guitar music in Hungary. Since the acoustic guitar has no tradition in the Hungarian music culture, playing guitar and composing for guitar was not an acknowledged and respected art. That is why he could achieve results mainly abroad with his playing, through playing techniques of different stringed instruments, with his modern pieces, and deep spirituality. His records has been released in England, USA and Germany. His playing can be heard in the three SzaMaba trio albums released in Hungary.

In 1980 the talented drummer and percussion player joined to Sándor and they formed the Sándor Szabó / Balázs Major duo. Within a few years they performed in almost all of the clubs and venues in Hungary. In 1988 the English Leo Records company released their first album.

In the eighties Sándor Szabó often invited musicians from other countries to play together. They made several concert tours and sound recordings. Playing with Gilbert Isbin, the Belgian guitarist, was one of the first significant collaborations. This period was hallmarked by a succesful duo album released on the English label HWYL Records. This duo in the early ninethies together, with Balazs Major in trio, made a recording in the BRT Studio in Brussels. However, this album has been never released. After this he met Andreas Georgiou, the Greek guitarrist, and they had a succesful Hungarian concert tour but there is no any recording of this collaboration.

In the very beginning of the nineties he met Massimo De Mattia, the Italian flutist. They play several tours in Italy and in Hungary. Their collaboration can be heard in the first album of SzaMaBa: Hypnos.

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