singaporeboyzz.jpgSingapore, July 23 2008 – Jack & Rai, the two front men of popular local cover band EIC, have taken their smooth vocals and soulful melodies off stage and into the recording studios with the debut of their self-penned album, ‘in stores now!’.

Featuring 11 original tracks including their first radio single The Falala  Song and the cheeky Fiona, inspired by a certain local celebrity, ‘in stores now!’ marks a significant milestone for the two seasoned musicians. 
‘We’ve been very encouraged by the fantastic response from our fans at Wala Wala, Timbre and Balaclava over the past six years, and we hope they’ll continue to support us as we embark on this truly exciting journey of making the leap from a cover band to original artistes,’ said Rai.

Jack & Rai have come a long way since they first met as solo musicians in 2000 and later on formed the cover band EIC. Both have since left their day jobs to pursue their passion for music full-time and to invest their fullest attention and energy in producing their debut album.
‘in stores now!’ has been a self-supported project from start to finish – from creative direction to marketing to distribution – a decision Jack & Rai made to ensure that the final product would stay true to their vision. 

‘It has been a huge challenge and perhaps an unconventional decision not to go through the traditional channels, but it has only made the end result sweeter. We are very proud of how ‘in stores now!’ turned out and we hope the public’s response will be equally enthusiastic,’ said Jack. 
‘in stores now!’ is now available at all branches of Gramophone, HMV and Wala Wala Restaurant & Bar.