roger026_jfr.jpgPlaying and thinking out of the box makes Roger Wang one of Malaysia's most talented and musical solo acoustic guitar player. His unique approach to playing and creating guitar music is truly refreshing and exciting.What sets him apart from most guitar players is his ability to play complete musical arrangements all on one guitar.

In a typical performance you will find Roger juggling bass, melody, rhythm, harmony and percussive parts simultaneously. Creating an illusion that there is more than one guitarist playing. It is spellbinding to watch his fingers fly, twist and stretch all over the fretboard, but unlike many guitar virtuosos, the result is always a musical experience, not a technical demonstration."Playing the guitar and making music can be two very different things. Remember to always make music," says Roger Wang at all his guitar seminars and workshops.


Roger's one-man-band approach goes beyond guitar playing. Being a qualified audio engineer and producer, Roger takes charge of his music from arranging, recording right until the mastering stage. Coming from a musical family, Roger's musical journey began when he was eight years old with his father being his first guitar teacher. This led him through many formal and informal guitar lessons from various instructors. In 1993, Roger moved from his hometown Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur and enrolled in Ocean Institute of Audio Engineering and Guitar Institute of Malaysia (GIM).
It was around this time that Roger first heard his musical calling.

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