First and foremost, we produce amplifying systems which have been developed for
acoustic instruments. In doing so, we have to clear various technical hurdles so
 that the tone result sounds light, unrestrained and fresh – so that it reaches the
very last listener and puts a smile on his or her face. To do this, we use selected
components, specially-manufactured loud speakers, high-efficiency power amplifiers,
well-dimensioned power supply units, and sophisticated dynamic-control technology.

But that isn’t all. That little bit of musical taste together with a detailed knowledge
of the instruments and applications are just as important for the end result as the
close contact to musicians whose day-to-day experience makes an invaluable contribution to the result.

We now have AER systems for the e-bass, the bottom line with combos, head and
boxes as well as two interesting offers for e-guitarists (cheeky d. 10 and 12”),
small sound reinforcement systems, pick-ups and various accessories. What they
all have in common is: they are small, top-quality, and powerful:

just well, different.