What started in 1992 as an adventure has meanwhile become firmly established in the music world, an absolute accepted standard for the natural reproduction of sound, speech intelligibility and professionalism. Something you can rely on, because it works, keeps its promises, sounds good and retains its value.

What we are:

We work with people in a creative way, in close co-operation, as partners, with the aim of creating values which have substance, which are fun, are part of music and which enable people to find fixed points in this ephemeral world.

What we want:

We make musical instruments so that what you hear is how they really sound. As well as experience, analysis and trial, this has a lot to do with taste … acoustic aesthetics if you will. In doing so, we aim to produce the very best, to achieve more than that which is easily attainable and at the same time to manufacture as small, naturally and simply as possible – amazingly powerful, melodic, defined and assertive. We don’t make a big fuss – we let things speak for themselves. We want you to want to play on and on, to let yourself be inspired by the sound and dynamics and to give you and your audience an unforgettable experience.